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I've been meaning to put one of these up for a while; obviously this is a list/post of things that I would like to have/would not mind having. If you have this I'm totally game for trading something you want.

(also if I used a picture of yours, I'M SORRY. ;_; I'll credit or take it down if you would like.)

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To The General Public:


I do post stuff here that's not under friends filters (obviously) but if you want to be added, just leave a comment. c: Just so long as I don't personally find you offensive, or you have an empty journal... those are pretty much the only reasons I wouldn't add you back!

and a link to my wants while we're at it
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Alright, I guess I should have made this post sooner, so people can go to my page and be like HAY! because I've noticed quite the number of people trying to contact me via LiveJournal and uh... it hasn't been working because I'm not actually on LiveJournal. I'm more or less taking a hiatus and I don't know when I'll be back- however, if I owe you a refund for a lost package, or owe you shipping on anything at all, please, please, PLEASE e-mail me at fiskpops [at] gmail [dot] com.

Personal matters have no place in this, but I, in short, have been unable to get to the post office or the bank to transfer funds due to my job. I leave before 7AM and return after 6PM most days, and medical reasons have kept me from being able to do much beyond sleep when I get home. This is as poor an excuse as any, but I am hoping to rectify it in the coming weeks.

If I owe you anything at all, please send me an e-mail with what I owe you (money, toys, etc.- please be specific with amounts and items) and your address (physical mailing address or paypal). I am going to try my hardest to get this out to you.

Oh, and I guess as a personal LJ sort of update- I'm going through a spring cleaning of sorts through my friends and communities. Please don't take offence if I remove you, it is nothing personal and I'm removing a lot of people I have contacts in other places with- I just need my f-list to be more manageable and I'll most likely talk to you through tumblr/facebook/etc. more anyway.
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I wanted to share my rendition of a realistic Suicune, I drew this during a power outage a few days ago.

Suicune is a water type, and therefore adapted to water! Mane? Those are gill filaments! His cheeks actually function as operculum, and he has no need for nostrils because the gill filaments pick up oxygen in the water.

No fur, just skin for respiration above water- think frog's skin. Maybe that's why Suicune is always found near water in HG/SS... Webbed feet means more surface area, which means more powerful swimming capacity and a heighted "standing-on-water" Jesus effect.

And... that crest is very obviously deer antlers. I dunno what they'd do to help him swim/be with water but damn if they don't look cool.
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Okay, I took some pictures of a lot of the fur I need to get rid of. There's still two or three more 30G buckets to go through, I'll make another entry for them later.

Rules go outside the cut because, important, etc.:

-Paypal only!
-I ship from Texas, USA. Prices reflect this.
-Shipping will be within 1-2 weeks, and comes with delivery confirmation and insurance.
-If you don't reply within 3 days, your hold is gone.
-I own a cat (four, to be exact, but only one has a close relationship with my fur) so please be aware of possible cat dander/fur.

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how to wash your cat

I gave Lunchbox a bath yesterday, to get rid off all of her dead hair! Which a lot of people would think to be hard since, you know, she's a cat, and cats like water about as much as your average human loves internal parasites. But, I found out a pretty easy way of washing a cat that won't end in hospitalisation and I figured sharing is a good idea.

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For the record, my cat is a feral cat that was domesticated, and so she is very skittish and untrustworthy by default. If my cat can do this without maiming me, a normal cat will do just fine.
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This post is public so everyone can see it! Though I think most 3-D customers are on my f-list, I want to make sure.

If I owe you something sewn (plush, fursuit, etc.) please let me know! My life has been crazy lately, as I'm nearing the end of my high school career. This means finals, AP testing, college applications, graduation and very little time left when I'm not exhausted. I'm afraid that some of my to-do list is obsolete due to this, and I need to rectify this. If your name isn't on here and it should be, please drop me an email ( meuniere [at] hotmail [dot] com ) or LJ private message, or just comment here. Sorry about my overwhelming stupidity sometimes.

Zapdos, Ampharos, Shroomish, Crobat, Skarmory

Tarn (Pteranodon), Blue anime Husky, Indramon (tentative; refund may be in order), Marill ears/tail to replace MIA set

Trades/Partial Payment-
Featherclaw, Anorith, Slowbro

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and if refunds are asked for, I will happily oblige. I may have to wait for the funds to refund, though, particularly deposits, as those go to supplies and are therefore usually non-refundable. I can also ship supplies to another commissioner of your choice if asked.

I would like to add that I will not be able to actively work on these until mid-to-late May, as that is when this madness ends.
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