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she's in love with the dark

she's in love with her broken heart

bloodless but inspired

Hello, my name is Fisk, to spare you the effort of trying to pronounce my username. The answer is "moan-yay." I like video games and fish and drawing and sewing and other stuff too.

Don't ask me about commissions of the 3-D sort, I'd love to oblige but I am extremely slow and have a bit of a backlog at the moment. Try again later!

Please e-mail me if you need to reach me. My e-mail is fiskpops over at that gmail place, I get PMs just fine but I've noticed an abundance of them coming from people who have made it so I cannot reply to them. And that makes it a little hard to contact you in return, bro. %C

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just have faith... keep trying a little bit longer.
-- happy mask salesman
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